Tour Dates
Apr 27,2019

Here is the clip of Created to Kill on "The Clown Alley Horror Revue" the song featured is Crucifixiation on the Roku channel called INC Horror Channel.

Jan 30, 2019

Created To Kill will be featured in an episode of a Roku show that is available in over 80 countries. The show is called "The Clown Alley Horror Revue." The song featured is Crucifixiation. The Roku channel is called INC Horror Channel.

Oct 31, 2018

Created To Kill is working on our 3rd release tentatively titled
Horrific Deeds Conceived. A few song titles are Electrified Suicide, Gas Chamber Bodies Burning, and Putrid Perversions. We are also currently in search of a new label to release this album.

May 16, 2018

Created To Kill is happy announce our first ever appearance in Canada will be at the Ontario Death Fest 6.

May 15, 2018

The Murder The Slots tour is offically over we are all back home. We wanna thank everyone this tour was our best tour yet. Special thanks to Drew from Dark Apostle for feeding us and letting us crash at his place in Topeka, and Christy Bennett and AJ from Condemned for letting us stay with them and making us some sick drinks in San Deigo. A huge thanks to Big Mike Michael Gordon for having us come out to LVDF 10 was an awesome pinnacle to this tour. The drive back was brutal 30 or so hours straight, but definatley worth it thanks to the guys in Origin for raising our spirits when we crossed paths in the middle of the night. It was a great time we all can't wait to do it all again.

Nov 02,2017

We are happy to announce we will be playing the 2018
Las Vegas Deathfest it has been 5 years since the last
time we were there.We also like to say we are halfway
into writing our 3rd cd which we will be recording at
Velocity Studios again.

Oct 02,2017

Created To Kill will be the band of the week on Metalhead Alliance
November 20th-26th.

Sept 8, 2017

Created To Kill will be destroying the stage again in 2018 at CDF 5!
We have been added to the last day of the fest Saturday July 28th.

August 28, 2017

CTK is doing a rare local show and since we did a free show in Louisville a few months back we thought we would do this one
free too. Left To The Wolves, Creature Of Exile, and Kur will
be joining us for this show.

Apr 04,2017

The Suffocating The Midwest tour was awesome thanks to everyone
who helped putting it together. We would also like to announce
that Mike Minton from Succumb To Demise is our new live bassist.
Here is a video from the tour at the Heart Of Illinois Fest.

Oct 30,2016

Uploaded for free download on bandcamp our first few demos and some live tracks from our early years.

Jul 04,2016

Some video from the Foothills Gutfest.

May 24,2016

In 3 weeks Created To Kill will be hitting the road for a
3 day mini tour.
Jun 16 2016 The Zoo Bar w/Ezra, Lincoln, Nebraska
Jun 17 2016 FOOTHILLS GUTFEST, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Jun 18 2016 The Boobie Trap w'Breathing Death, Topeka, Kansas

Jun 23,2015

Both of our full length albums are now on Itunes, Spotify,
and Tidal HiFi. Click the titles for the links.
Death's Construction
Worship Or Die

Jun 22,2015

Some video from the Chicago Devastation Fest.

Apr 21,2015

Created To Kill is hitting the midwest this summer!

May 15 2015 Expo Five w/Incantation, Louisville, Kentucky
Jun 19 2015 CS3 w/Ton, Fort Wayne, Indiana
Jun 20 2015 Chicago Domination Fest 2, Chicago Illinois
Jul 17 2015 Open Chord w/Lust Of Decay, Knoxville, Tennessee
Sep 10-12 2015 Full Terror Assault, Cave In Rock, Illinois

Nov 5,2014

Our DVD Worship Or Drive...The Road To Death's Construction is now
up for PRE-ORDER at this link DVD PRE-ORDER

Apr 25,2014

This summer will make 10 years since Created To Kill's incarnation.
We have had a killer time being in this band, played with so many
awesome bands, went through a few line-ups changes, and toured
through 17 states. We want to thank all our fans and friends we have
made over the last decade. We look forward to continue to bring you
our sickness another 10 years.

Oct 19,2013

Digital copies of Death's Construction and Worship Or Die are now
available at! Self Inflicted Flame Engulfment from
"Death's Contruction" has been added to a compilation cd from
Metalfile download it here Compilation CD.
Also check out another review of Death's Contruction at

Oct 03,2013

Several reviews for Death's Construction have come in.
Check them out! !
All About The Rock
All About The Rock 2
Raging Power Zine
Busuk Webzine
Sick Reviews

Aug 10,2013

Get the new Created To Kill APP on your smart phone go here!
Created To Kill APP

Jul 21,2013

Here's an interview Steve did a while back with Natalie's World.
Natalie's World Interview

Jul 02,2013

Well after almost 2 weeks and 10 states The Killing North America Tour
is over. We had a killer time at LVDF, GUTFEST, and all the other sick
shows we played.Thanks so much Chris Gorespawn for filling in for the
first leg and thanks to all the promoters and fans for making this tour
such an awesome experience.

Jun 23,2013

The first leg of the tour went great thanks to all the fans for coming
out and thanks to Big Mike LVDF was awesome.The new cd is now
available as well get it at our Big Cartel Store.

May 22,2013

Due to unforseen circumstances Abe will not be able to do most of the
tour.Chris GoreSpawn (Defecate Organs,ex-Intracranial Butchery) will
be filling in for those dates.

Apr 28, 2013

We are happy to announce that our second full length cd Death's
Construction will be released by Pagan Pride Records in the USA and
Ungodly Ruins Productions in Europe. The cover and song titles are

1.Fascination with Your Death
2.Object of Perfect Torture
3.Into The Frozen Tomb
4.Murdered And Mutilated
5.Corpse Collector
7.Suffocated In A Bodybag
8.Self Inflicted Flame Engulfment
9.The Reaper Always Wins
10.Death On The River

Feb 16, 2013

Death's Construction will be the title of the new cd, we have finished
recording and the mixing process has begun. CTK has been added to
the Las Vegas Death Fest and the Foothills Gutfest we will be touring to
these shows check the tour dates section to see where we will be.
We are still looking for a new label as well.

Dec 15, 2012

Thanks to everyone in Louisville we had at killer time at the Cannibal
Corpse show if you didn't get a demo at the show you can listen to it
on Myspace or 2 of the tracks on Reverb Nation.
As you may have noticed Phil Good from Solidification and Necrotic
Disgorgement was handling the bass duties for the show.

Demo 2012
Track Listing:
1.Object Of Perfect Torture
2.The Reaper Always Wins
3.Self Inflicted Flame Engulfment

Oct 28,2012

Studio update we are still in the process of recording the new
album.Rhythmn guitars, bass guitar, and drums are complete working
on vocals now.We plan to have some free demos to hand out at our
show with Cannibal Corpse Dec 3rd in Louisville,KY.

Aug 17,2012

We are done writing the new album we have 10 songs and a working
title. We will enter Velocity Studios Sept 1st to begin recording. We
are also currently seeking a new label to release the new album. Our
DVD has had a few set backs, but are still planning on releasing it
ourselves soon. Also see us tomorrow on the second stage at 8pm with
the Summer Slaughter tour in Louisville @Expo 5.

Apr 04,2012

Making progress on the new album we have 9 tracks written and a
working title.We will be going into Velocity Studios soon to begin

Feb 07,2012

Steve just did an interview with Busuk Webzine check it out.
Busuk Webzine Interview

Jan 07,2012

We are still in the writing process for the new cd.The new songs are
sounding awesome.The new cd will be a step up on the song
structures. You can check a you tube clip here of one of the new
New Created To Kill practice

Oct 15,2011

We were gonna include a cd with these tracks in our DVD but we
thought it would be cooler to just give them away so here they
are.This is our entire set from The Central IL Metalfest,plus a new song
from our upcoming cd live from Greensboro,NC show.Enjoy!
Download here Created To Kill (live)

Oct 14,2011

You can PREORDER Created To Kill - Worship Or Drive - DVD now at
Bloodletter Records

Sep 28,2011

Editing has begun for a Created To Kill DVD.It will feature footage
from shows on our 2009-2011 tours.We will also be hitting the studio
very soon to record our follow up cd yet to be titled.
Follow us on Facebook,Twitter and Reverbnation.

Jul 30,2011

Live version of a track off our new cd is posted on our myspace site.
Check it out!​tokill

May 29,2011

Created To Kill will be joining Ezra on tour for 2 dates.
Jun 18 2011 Mustang Sally's Moraine,OH
Jun 19 2011 Union Station Louisville,KY

May 18,2011

SUMMER MINI-TOUR w/Solidification has been CANCELLED
due to our recent break-down coming back from the Akron Deathfest.
All of our funds were exausted on van repairs.
Jun 08 2011 Cesspool Castle Joplin, Missouri
Jun 09 2011 The Launch Pad Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jun 10 2011 Las Vegas Deathfest Las Vegas, Nevada
Jun 11 2011 Las Vegas Deathfest Las Vegas, Nevada

Feb 05,2011

We wanna thank Aaron for having us down for the Goregrowler's Ball
we had a great time.Thanks to all the fans for coming out in
Shreveport and Memphis too.Were gonna get back to writing the new
cd now.
Here are some photos from the tour.Mini-Tour photos

Oct 01,2010

Created To Kill will be doing a small tour down to the Goregrowler's
Ball and back plus a local show here in KY.We also have been added to
the 2011 Las Vegas Deathfest.Here are the dates.

Oct 23 Skyborne Studios Versailles, KY
Nov 11 Mia's Pub, Shreveport, LA
Nov 14 The Poplar Lounge, Memphis, TN
Jun 10 Las Vegas Deathfest 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada
Jun 11 Las Vegas Deathfest 2011 Las Vegas, Nevada

Feb 27, 2010

We are in the midst of writing our 2nd cd.These will be our first songs
written with our new drummer Paul Good (also guitar player for
Solidification.We hope to hit the studio before the end of the
year.There is no album title yet,but we have 5 songs written.We
toured most of 2009 promoting our first cd Worship Or Die,but there
will be a limited number of shows we will be doing in 2010 mostly
fests.Several of these shows will also feature Solidification.

2010 dates:
Apr 03 2010 The Longbranch Saloon Knoxville, Tennessee
Apr 24 2010 AKRON DEATHFEST Akron, Ohio
May 15 2010 MAYHEM IN MAY 5 Louisville, Kentucky
May 29 2010 Lisa�s Oak St Lounge Louisville, Kentucky
Jun 19 2010 THE BLASPHEMER FEST Chicago, Illinois
Aug 21 2010 MICHIGAN DEATHFEST Detroit, Michigan
Aug 28 2010 HOSTILE CITY FEST Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Nov 13 2010 GOREGROWLER�S BALL San Antonio, Texas

May 19, 2009

We would like to thank all the fans that came out to our shows out on
the tour we had a great time and meet alot of cool people.We would
also like to thank all the venues and promoters that helped to set up
this tour.We still have several shows coming up for the rest of the year
including our fest Mayhem In May so come out and support us and the
underground death metal scene. You can see photos from the tour at
this link Tour-Photos.

February 11, 2009

Created to Kill has many shows lined for this spring.Including shows
in cities in which it will be our first time ever getting to.
We will also be on a few of the larger fests too Thunder Of The Gods
fest and The Goregrowler's Ball to name a few.So check the tour dates
section and see if we are coming near you.Please come and show your
support for the death metal underground.

September 14, 2008

We are happy to announce we now have a drummer.Paul Good will
now be on drums.He is also the guitarist for Solidification.
We will perform live together for the first time Halloween
night with Master.(check the tour date section for more info)!
Also we are working with Ruptured Records to release Worship or Die
before the end of the year.It will be for sale online only
by the end of October through I-tunes and other downloadable stores.

December 30, 2007

The new cd Worship Or Die is done being recorded just have to wait
for Adrian to mix and master it.We are still looking for a label at the
moment. We should have it avalible by Febuary or March.We have also
posted some new show dates so check those out!

track listing:
Closed Casket Funeral
Kingdom of Death
In Hell
Porno Pope
Battle Hymn of the Forsaken

May 21, 2007

Our demo has now been released on a split with Decomposed on
Ruptured Records Buy it now!! at, or get one from us at any of our
shows!Also we've posted unmastered versions of our upcoming cd
Worship Or Die on our page listen and leave comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 15, 2007

We are finally laying down the tracks for our full length cd Worship or
Die!It will be completed in the next few weeks.We have posted pics on
our myspace so go check them out! The first couple of songs done are
sounding fucking sick.We are still looking for a label to release it so
any labels interested please email us at