Tour Dates

Band Members:

Created To Kill began in the summer of 2004 with Steve Forbes and
guitarist Greg Brewer{longtime friends}had been trying to start a band
for years.Steve was singing in the beginning and auditioned Abe out
as a bass player.At his audition he sang a little and sounded great.
Steve wanted to concentrate on guitar,so Abe was put on vocals.
Abe knew someone else to put on bass{Joey Eustice}.
After a few months Greg lost interest and left the band.
We Audtioned many drummers no one could keep up with speed of the songs we had written. So we turned to Brad Jackson{Guitarist for Angerstrike} he created the drum beats on a Pc for us.
After that we started recording our Demo.Then Joey started
having problems with the law and began missing practices.After about
2 months he decided it was best for him to leave.We tried for months
to find someone to take his place.Kentucky isn't known for having too
many death metal musicians. So Abe decided that he would play bass
and sing.We released our first demo Monarch to the Kingdom of Death
in January 2005.There was about 350 copies distributed worldwide
through varies underground labels. After that we played many shows
trying to polish our sound. In October 2006 we released a EP called
Sample of Destruction.In 2007 Ruptured Records re-released our Demo
and EP on a split with Indonesian band Decomposed.2008 saw the
release of our first full length cd Worship Or Die. Also in 2008 was the demise of the drum machine as Paul Good stepped up to take the
reigns of drummer.In 2009 as a newly found 3-piece we headed out on
the road to decimate all in our path.In 2013 we released our second
full length cd Death's Construction and Phil Good stepped in to take
over bass duties to free Abe to concentrate on vocals.